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I always aim to leave things better than I found them. That includes my community and the world.


Humans are my favorite animal--bar none.

Hence, despite being an introvert,

I've constructed a life that revolves around dealing with people, how we convey meaning, and figuring out how to express my own ideas through my chosen mediums. Go figure.

What are my chosen mediums?

Explorative Haiku  Digital Video 
Community-based workshops 

Podcast  Essay   

Abstract Mixed Media   Freeverse

 Live discussion Collage  

cet mohamed moore abstract textured blue and gold painting.jpg

I create as an extension of who I am. I create to facilitate connection

The road to hell is paved with the broken lineages of conquered people. All we have to remember them by is fragments of art and artisanal work they left behind. In this day, where even consumer waste can be a medium for creation, to not create (or support art's creation) is to perpetuate our own erasure. If I do nothing else, I hope to inspire and aid people to be generative from an embodied place. Whether through my own work, or projects where Im engaged with others, stewardship remains a constant feature in all I do.

Feel free to browse my blog, gallery, and shop to see what I've generated.

If you're interested in having me create a custom piece for your personal collection, or workshop for your organizational needs, don't hesitate to contact me by clicking the button below.

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