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10 Things Tuesday #1

In an effort to feed two birds with one worm, I’m instituting 10 Things Tuesday.

This ensures I have a post at least every Tuesday, in addition to sharing myself, instead of just content I think people wanna read. On to the first installment.

1 I love Grease 2.

So full of agency that Stephanie Zinone.

2. I want to write the perfect murder movie.

Gotta leave room for a sequel.

3. I’d rather have my brother give me away at my wedding.

True story.

4. Vibram Five Fingers are my favorite sneakers.

Yeah, I’m one of those…

5. I wish mandals with socks weren’t a thing, but kind of admire people that rock them.

This is not okay, but I lowkey salute you.

6. Currently, I’m working as a screenplay technician and writing a business plan for a social enterprise, Human Above All Else.

Repeat: one day it’ll all make sense.

7. I enjoy French tip manicures.

I just do. Okay?

8. I don’t believe in default monogamy.

Practice monogamy, whatever. Convince me it’s natural? No.

10. The deadlift is my favorite compound lift.

Come at me, bro!


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