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10 Things Tuesday #2

1. I previously told you about my disdain for wearing socks with [non-athletic] sandals. Less than a week after posting that, I committed the egregious sin. And loved it.

2. I didn’t watch all the Star Wars until I was in my 20s. I now love it. It’s to the point that other longtime fans buy me memorabilia and text me with movie quotes (that I get).

3. I’m increasingly enamored with archetypes. I don’t automatically dismiss the traditional as invalid and value archetypes, because they serve as immediate points of references to see where you fit in.

4. I’d like to live in Spain for a while. I’ve always felt a pull there and figure I can travel to other countries via the Eurorail and research the Spanish/Portuguese history of my Da Silva lineage, while there.

5. I love eggs. When my sister told my nephew’s dad I was hosting Thanksgiving last year, the first thing out of his mouth was, “What’s she gonna cook; eggs?”

6. On Wednesdays, I wear pink. Seriously.

7. The first book I recall picking out and reading as a child was a green, hardcover book of Nikki Giovanni’s.

8. I love liverwurst, even the store-bought stuff.

My preferred method of ingesting 600 calories in 5 minutes.

9. I love what Nicki Minaj does with incorporating sounds into her lyrics (“wrists on brrr/pussy on purr”, etc.).

10. Potatoes are my kryptonite.


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