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3 of the Most Useful Things My Mom Taught Me

My mom has done a lot for me in life. But it’s the things she taught me to do on my own that have had the most lasting effects. The three things below are three things I constantly find myself grateful for knowing.

How to make an egg. Eggs are by far one of my top three foods. In fact, when my nephew’s dad heard I was hosting Thanksgiving in 2013, he asked my sister, “What’s she gonna cook; eggs?” Almost every time he sees me, I make my nephew an egg. Seeing as how I don’t do legumes, at the financially leaner times in my life, I would have been extremely protein-deficient had my mom not taught me this fundamental of life.

cetzilla mom taught me Fried eggs

Withhold at 0 on your W-4. I didn’t understand how serious taxes were when I got my first job. I just knew that my mom always overpaid hers and got money back and that what she was telling me would ensure that I would, too. Now that I’ve seen how royally the IRS can screw you, now that I’ve seen so many people I know end up owing come tax time, I’m forever grateful for that life lesson.

cetzilla mom taught me w4

Crushing garlic with a glass bottle makes it easier to get the skin off. The struggle is real for people who never learned this. I taught this to an old roommate of mine who was having a tough time and her elation was palpable. I’m a person who has never thought to myself, “This dish has too much garlic.” I have yet to cook a meat and veggies dish I didn’t want to put garlic in. Being able to get the skin off in a jiffy has saved me immeasurable frustration.

cetzilla mom taught me _garlic

When she taught me these things, I had no idea how much easier they would make my life. My mom’s full of all kinds of stuff she takes for granted that’s a game changer other people; this is a tiny fraction of her knowledge. I’m so thankful to have gotten her over a non-cooking or non0business-handling mom.

What are you thankful for your mom teaching you?


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