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5 Reasons I *Love* Grease 2

I think it helped that I saw Grease 2 before Grease 1. I had no expectations going in, so I was able to appreciate it– without prejudice. I saw a motorcycle on the front and was like, “Cool. Let’s do this.” I was also 6, so the positive feels left an imprint, as did the movie’s casual incorporation of sex. Here are 5 more, specific reasons:

1) The songs. “Reproduction” is the jam… 22 years later I still occasionally ask people, “Where does the pollen go?” “Cool Rider”, “Who’s That Guy?”, …“Back to School Again”… “Let’s Do It for Our Country”… all classic, in my book,

“Let’s do it for our country/ The red, white and the blue/ It’s Uncle Sam who’s asking/ So your mother will approve/ Tomorrow I’ll be fighting/ And I’ll win this war for you.”

Yeah, it could be argued the song is coercive, but it’s a weak argument. Either way I enjoyed the theater of it, immensely. The songs in Grease 2 are the shit. I genuinely think they’re more humorous than the first one.

2) The bikes. Grease 2 at age 6 and then Easy Rider at 16 are the two main reasons i ever wanted a motorcycle.

3) The nerd becomes the cool kid, but stays true to himself. What’s not to love about that? He doesn’t compromise his values, and makes his prime foes respect him. So glorious.


4) “Boys to one side, girls to the other! Run, run, run!” This is another one I still quote. Blanche was so hilarious, in both movies.

5) Bad bitchery was rampant. Stephanie “Kissed who she” wanted, and was “No one’s trophy!” She was not taking any shit, no matter what her pink jacket dictated. And even though Paulette’s sexuality was more of a performance for Johnny than for her own pleasure, she knew how to work that shit. Michael Carrington was riding around, getting’ it. Frenchy was still Frenchy, and Ms. Mason blessed us all with her presence.



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