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7 times Brene Brown knocked it outta the park

Brene Brown is everything. She is bae, my spirit magnet.

I was first introduced to her this summer, 2015 when a friend of mine said that “The antidote to shame is empathy.” We were starting the beginning of a very intense week of working with youth and that quote helped set the tone for an equally intense amount of shared vulnerability amongst our staff that week. I’d already come to a new understanding of vulnerability through the relationship I was in and that quote took what I was already experiencing to another level. I haven’t been the same since.

Since then, I’ve watched or listened to hours of talks, interviews and podcasts and started reading Daring Greatly. I can’t recommend the book highly enough and can’t wait to crack open The Gifts of Imperfection and Rising Strong. In no particular order, here are 7 of Brene Brown’s home runs. Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist of these, if you’d like to save a playlist of these hits for later viewing. They’re in order from shortest to longest.

On the original definition of courage and how it relates to vulnerability:

On the 6 people who don’t deserve to hear your shame story:

On how we’re terrified of joy and the role of gratitude in cultivating it:

Talking about the costs of losing our tolerance for vulnerability:

Interviewing the Queen of Daytime, Emeritus on how she cultivates vulnerability and shame resilience:

The TED Talk that blew the lid off her work:

On the necessity of daring greatly for creators:


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