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Being Kings & Queens is Wack

Why are we so obsessed with the notion of being kings and queens, or some other nobility? Throughout the modern record commonly accepted as history, kings and queens got to where they were by beating down common folks, stealing from them, demanding their loyalty and killing them when they dared to resist. Nobility kept their clout by turning in common folks, turning on fellow rich folks that fell out of line and by enforcing “the king’s justice”.

What about that is worth associating with?

Just think: if you are royalty, that means you come from the loins of brutality and inhumanity. Is that a legacy you want to reckon with, if you don’t have to?

I can accept that the true meaning of being nobles and warriors that our ancestors knew got lost in translation somewhere between erased languages, genocides and migration.

What I can’t accept is that in an age where we have computers in our pockets… and where our collective ignorance results in literal death we continually aspire to be petty tyrants.

Come. On.

We may momentarily do better from time to time, but if we truly want suffering in the world to end, we’ve got to want something beside domination for both ourselves and others. Literal lives depend on it… in Flint, in Gaza, in Haiti, in Burma… everywhere. I’m on top, someone else is on the bottom can’t be the winning paradigm.

If all we want is to be the people with the power to yell, “Off with their heads!” we’ve got to stop professing to want peace and just admit that we want to be the new kings.


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