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Calling Bullshit on 7 Right-Wing Narratives

Led by cowardly Liberals, the left in this country has a history of cowering to the right wing and its narratives. It allows the right to control the political narrative so much, that they don’t even call out the right on the bullshit–even as the right reads the left for filth on every media platform that it can.

If actual freedom-loving Progressives want to have any shot of steering the narrative away from one-sided talking points, we must stop ignoring the charges leveled at us and call bullshit when we see it.

Here are a few to start:

Safe spaces

You don’t get to make fun of safe spaces when you don’t remark on Donald Trump expelling journalists, or threatening them and people he disagrees with with lawsuits.

That is literally Trump creating a safe space for him to go unchecked.

You don’t get to make fun of safe spaces when you legally create them through gerrymandering and redlining.

White flight to get away from people of color and expensive homeowner association fees to keep out families with lower incomes are both safe spaces in action.

Liberal bubbles

Liberals are not the only one living in a bubble.

Trump supporters who deny and minimize are also in a bubble, that is only possible when you either deny the truth or don’t associate with people who are different from you.

If you:

can’t fathom why minorities are concerned for their safety

or deny institutional problems in favor of strictly individual solutions,

you are living in a bubble.


You don’t get to talk shit about leftists being “triggered”, when the mere mention of race or gender inequality sends conservatives into a tailspin of denial or claims of “race baiting”. You don’t get to talk shit about triggering when Newt Gingrich’s response to a journalist asking him about Donald Trump’s sexually predatory habits is to tell her she’s obsessed with sex.

Name calling

You don’t get to take offense to being made fun of, belittled, or called names, without calling out dog whistle politics or coded language.

Reverse discrimination

You don’t get to claim “reverse racism”, when you’re perpetuating actual racism. You don’t get to cry “reverse sexism”, without decrying actual sexism. Perpetuating racism looks and sounds like: denying it exists, saying we’re in a “post-racial” world, not acknowledging mass incarceration, not acknowledging redlining and making slavery sound like a good thing, among other things. Perpetuating sexism looks like making apologies for rape, and denying sex-based income inequality exists for the same job.

Trump’s homophobia

You don’t get to use the line, “Donald Trump’s not a homophobe”, when he intends to appoint Scalia-esque judges (Scalia voted against striking down the ban on same-sex marriage), when his VP supports diverting federal funding for AIDS initiatives to conversion therapy, and when his chief strategist-to-be calls women he disagrees with “dykes”.

We didn’t protest when Obama got elected

That’s a fucking lie.


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