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Episode 1: The Mind, Memes & Other Connective Issues ft. Dennis Amadeus

This episode features my dear friend, Dennis Amadeus. A poet, youth development worker and Leo, Dennis is a very expressive dude who cares about his fellow humans a lot.

We started this episode by pulling a card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

The Osho Zen Tarot card pulled at the start of the show

Mind card (click for purchase link)

Dennis pulled the Mind card, which led us down a rabbit hole of speaking about losing our minds and whose voice is in your head.

As we broke down how we treat our mind and train it, we hit on:

disrupting patterns,


ADHD and

how behavior can inadvertently affect self-esteem.

Dennis hit on a major key when he said

Knowing whose voice is in your head is important. 🗝

We spent a healthy amount of time on memes and how they don’t get enough credit for their


incisiveness, or

ability to break us out of our echo chambers.

As promised, I looked into my archives (thanks, Google Photos) and found the depression and dissociation meme I mentioned:

In speaking about cancelling people and restorative justice, Dennis dropped this gem:

If you don’t have the relationship where you’re gonna make an impact on a person… that’s a clear indicator that you probably shouldn’t be taking on the role of trying to give them humanity or forgiveness…

Dave Chapelle and Starbucks got thrown into the mix, as did Django Unchained.

To learn more about Dennis, visit his website at You can also follow him on Instagram and like his artist page on Facebook.

As always find me here and on Instagram. Hit up the contact form if you’ve got any feedback or questions that are better typed in an e-mail.

Be well and take care.

Dennis Amadeus’ album Waiting On The Bus (click to purchase)


Links and media referenced in the show:

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master (OSHO Singles):

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