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Episode 3: Right Relationship, Open Relationships & Recalibrating

On this episode, I’m broadcasting solo and out of breath about:

how much I love humans [11:49]

how dope my friends are [6:00]

The L Word: Generation Q [25:40] [Showtime]

The Art Assignment [YouTube link] and

why you’re not stuck in open relationships or polyamory, if you choose to experiment with or practice consensual non-monogamy Spotify/iTunes links to the podcast excerpted [29:22]

The card I pulled this episode was the Participation card, which in the Minor Arcana is the 4 of Fire. Around minute, I briefly go into how tarot is as much or as little as you make of it and can be a useful tool for self-inquiry.

Given that I view Cet & Friends as a platform for connection–largely through the existing relationships I have with people I know–the Participation card was wildly relevant.

From around minute, 8:15, what I want the participation brought about this podcast to engender:

If one woowoo conversation that I have on the Cet & Friends conversation makes someone else say “Well damn, I’m not as crazy as that bitch” and then they say what’s genuinely on their mind and it allows them to show up as themselves… then I’ve done what I set out to do. And if I can do that once and do it again and keep doing it and then encourage other people to do that, now we’re cooking with fire–and that’s what I wanna do.

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