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First Timer Ramadan Reflections: Access

I had to go to the bank yesterday to make a deposit and on the way out I had the thought, “Lemme grab something to eat before I hop back on the bus.” I immediately realized that I can’t; I’m fasting for Ramadan and the realization I had hit me so hard I had to sit on the bench and send my friend Tom a long text.

I thought about how many people never have that thought, because they don’t have regular access to food, nor any control over their land. Tom (fruitarian) & I (primal) don’t eat certain things, but we technically could when we’re on our last few dollars. McDonalds isn’t healthy, but if we were dying of hunger we could wrangle a McChicken. Other people have to eat the food that’ll make them sick to survive. Whether because of market flooding, anti-seed saving legislation, or other pro-corporate initiatives they have no reliable food source or way to feed themselves and their families.  My heart was heavy for them.

I don’t have much, but I do have access to food. The way I eat is expensive, but I could always buy conventionally harvested everything to save a few dollars. Additionally, family planning is available to me to ensure I can choose when to start a family, unlike many of the people in places where food is scarce or unaffordable.

I don’t have the words to express I grateful I am.



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