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First Timer Ramadan Reflections: Not That Heavy

It’s 1:17 PM and I’m tired. I had a 6-10 class Wednesday and had was due back at school for an 8AM class. I only got to my friend’s house at 10:15 because a classmate gave me a ride. Otherwise I’d have arrived around 11:30. Fortunately I was able to get to sleep at that time. Despite getting to sleep earlier than anticipated, waking up @ 2:55 to scarf down a piece of chicken, and the fact that I already intermittently fast, my energy is waning. It’s the thirst. I didn’t drink much fluid when I broke my fast. Hydrating during those hours will take some getting used to as I’m used to drinking as much as I want through the day and refraining at night to keep me out of the bathroom during sleep time. Between the tiredness and lack of fluids, I have a faint headache.

Regardless, I feel incredibly lucky.

I don’t keep this schedule that’s making adjusting to Ramadan difficult because of shift work or multiple jobs. In spite of how I feel about higher education in the US, I’m still bettering myself by earning a degree. I’ll come out stronger in the end. Other people, both abroad and in this country have no end in sight. They work solely to provide for the immediate needs of themselves and their families. Additionally, there are people younger than me who regularly carry much more than my twenty pound backpack from shabby residences I would never call a home to get by. My gratitude for the life I have is steadily increasing.


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