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How I Ended Up Buying My First Purse at 27

My cheat day started Friday night. I started drinking Trivento’s Birds & Bees Sweet Red Friday night. I started feeling it halfway through my third glass around 11:25.

The hard drive on my mom’s cable box went kaput and the TV had just finished its search for channels I sent it on. I started flipping and stopped on the Home Shopping Network. Someone named Joy Mangano was showing off a tote that had a cushioned space for an iPad. “That’s so cool, but I can’t spend money and I don’t do purses”, I thought. Then they showed the inside, which had compartments for keeping it organized.

My eyes got wide and the next thing I knew I had logged on to the website and selected it in black. Thankfully the colors that were selling out were just that: colors. Being in the first stage of function before form I only wanted the black and it was available. One would think there would be more fanfare to a first purse purchase, but that’s all there was to it.

cetzilla  joy mangano purse

I got this, in black.


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