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It’s All Funny When They’re Binary Code

I’m normally not one to give press to bad news– especially news that mainstream media will likely use as a diversion– but this story particularly disturbed me. A young man allegedly drugged and raped his classmate, Jada. He then proceeded to take pictures of her limp body which he posted on social media, inspiring assholes across the internet to recreate the “Jada pose” in their own posts. Look, even if this girl weren’t raped, that people find a situation like this funny is disgusting.

“But we make fun of celebrities” some people will argue. Yes, we do make fun of the missteps of those in the public eye. The difference? They’ve willingly put themselves in the public eye. Jada did not. Not only was she allegedly victimized. Her alleged attacker is the one who photographed her and posted pictures of her online. Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake, but none of that is funny.

With the increasing integration of media and technology into our daily lives, I think this situation highlights a concern which will only become easier to overlook. How much do we truly value another person, when they’re little more than 0’s and 1’s to us?


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