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Marking Stuff Off #1

When I was 6, I saw Grease 2 . When I was 16 I saw Easy Rider. These two movies inspired two of my bucket list items.

These two actually branch from another one I didn’t bother to write: own a motorcycle. I’m actively looking for a bike to realize that dream. Whether or not I can start completing #52 depends on what I can find in my price range that’s rideable. (My bike will definitely be my primary transportation as public transportation here is both lacking and becoming an increasingly less dignified option.) The spirit behind #72 is to do a cross-country road trip by bike. I intend to fulfill that after I finish school in March,  before graduation in June. Even if it’s on a little 250, I’m gonna go for it. Let’s call this bucket list item #72a.

I’ve started marking up a map of the US with where I have connections to map out where I should stop. The final destination of this first trip as of now is California, but I haven’t yet ruled out an east coast jaunt with a stop in Canada before turning around 😉 Life’s only gonna get more full of obligations and I figure I should go for it, instead of giving myself more time to come up with excuses not to do it.

Have you ever done a motorcycle road trip? Have any tips for me?


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