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More thoughts on anti-refugee sentiments

Stop. Where’s this “charity begins at home and ends abroad” sentiment when there’s not a humanitarian crisis in the national news?

I know: it’s not there, because if it was, people in poverty would be taken care of and we wouldn’t be able to use them as pawns to justify keeping people out. There are many ways charity and worrying about home looks, but I’m pretty sure anti-refugee memes and social media posts aren’t one of them.

Worrying about your own looks like people taking their voting duties seriously. It looks like voting people into local, state, federal and executive office who actually serve those who have served. The extent of your voting should not begin and end with the presidential or gubernatorial races.

Worrying about your own also looks like volunteering in your own communities to serve people who need a helping hand and friendly face. Being stingy toward refugees will not fix that and is a poor marker for our collective humanity. Make no mistake: turning away refugees is stingy.

What makes no sense about the majority of people who support this line of thinking is that most of them have not served in the military and don’t regularly serve collective interests (like taking care of the homeless) in their communities.

What history has repeatedly shown is that when countries turn away human beings fleeing oppression, that oppression worsens at the expense of human lives and the country doing the turning away has a permanent stain on their history.

Turning away refugees in their most dire hour is not only inhumane. It tells the rest of the world that we’re more full of shit when it comes to living our values than we already are.

There are no limited resources in this country or anywhere else, only people unwilling to share them and hold those that are hoarding them accountable (like the corporations and other special interests who actually write our laws).

If we don’t open our eyes and see that fat cats have us turning our back on our humanity to fight for scraps we are doomed. No amount of turning away refugees can undo that.

As to the concern about Syrians being terrorists, here’s some food for thought by Warsaw Shire:

cetzilla refugee post home by warsan shire 2

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