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No, Thanks

I don’t want to be the toast of Hollywood. I don’t want a multi-picture deal with a studio. I don’t want to be a household name. If I got the opportunity I would take a mutually beneficial distribution deal. I might even let a studio buy a non-controlling stake in one of my shows. If I had to choose one route of monetary success, I’d rather be a hit in Hong Kong and Europe and be completely unrecognized in the states. I’m 1,000% okay with having zero face recognition, Maury. I’m even okay with having no name recognition, as long as my human work is making an impact.

What will box office success bring me? Sycophants, perverts and studio executives that urge me not to fly too close to the sun, artistically. I don’t want any of that. In fact if I could afford to, I would hire my mom to hold by checkbook and tell me no.

Me:”Mom, should I buy a $500 pair of jeans?”

Mom: “No.”

Me: “Well, that’s settled.”

The only reason for me to embrace Hollywood success would be to put me in a better position to benefit my human work. I don’t think that automatically means an endless money stream and fame, so that’s not what I’m going for.


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