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On Civility 1

Call me crazy for questioning civility, but what is with this idea that we should be able to disagree about fundamental issues and walk away with everything hunky dory?

As much as proponents of this idea think it childish for people to walk away from people with incompatible values, isn’t it immature to think that people are obliged to stay in relationships with people—even to their own detriment?

How are you supposed to feel safe, respected or heard from someone who holds views that dehumanize you or who support people and positions that do? How are you supposed to even respect yourself?

More power to you if you can, but expecting anyone to is asking too much.

Unless someone has experiences with you that override their disagreement or they have other shared values with you from which they derive those feelings of support and respect… their heart, psyche and ego are probably better off without you and vice versa.


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