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Open Source Ideas

Are you a lazy researcher, or a producer in search of new ideas to make come to light?

It’s my belief that sitting on ideas you don’t develop is unreasonably greedy. It’s prohibitive to progress. I understand why we do it. Our egos want us to be the ones to see an idea through, but in all honesty, how many of us have the hustle, or even feel strongly enough about our “million dollar idea” to see it through? It’s my belief that open source approaches to creation will be the driving force of innovation for the foreseeable future.

I for one have 96 crackpot ideas a day. If I spent all of my time trying to make them come to fruition, I would neglect the shit out of my friends, family, myself. Further: sharing my ideas is a way of forcing me to shit or get off the pot.

If someone else now knows of my plan, they can beat me to materializing it, and if my ego is invested enough to care about that, then I’ll do something about it. If not then my idea has now turned into a form of collaborative art that someone else can build on and refine, and hopefully someone else after that – hence the “open source” thing.

In this series, I’ll share idea blueprints (and rationale where applicable if I’m not being lazy) for a range of things –movies, services, products– that you are free to run with. Check back often for new ideas!

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