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Reincarnated: Worth the Watch

Andy Capper completely mashed it up with Reincarnated, his documentary about Snoop’s Lion’s (formerly Snoop Dogg’s) transition to being a reggae artist.

I came into it side eyeing it on three levels: as a hip-hop fan, as a Caribbean-American and as a filmmaker. I was hooked. Whether or not Snoop will stick with Rastafari, reggae and his newfound message of peace and love isn’t for me to say. What I can say as a result of watching Reincarnated, is that I truly believe that this is a part of the evolution of Snoop as a person. Capper got great, novel footage that you can’t get anywhere else: Snoop smoking herb with Bunny Wailer,  Snoop recording with his daughter; residents of the slums showing Snoop love. The way it was woven together told a story completely unlike anything we’ve seen on Snoop before.

Based on that alone, Capper succeeded. If you’ve been on the fence about the whole Snoop Lion situation or watching this documentary, I advise you to just go for it. On a purely human level, there’s some beautiful stuff that you can connect with, regardless of the controversy surrounding the subject.


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