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Show Up

Life gives us many opportunities to step up.

Problem is: we don’t always see them for what they are. We look at a situation and see all of our shortcomings and barriers. We inventory all the reasons we can’t. Or we look at it and don’t consider making any personal sacrifices to get what needs doing, done. Or we sit back and say, “When I have it like that.”

You may never “have it like that”. And great things can only happen through sacrifice, even if it means sacrificing long-held notions of who you think you are and what you’re capable of. Doing right will sometimes bring up uncomfortable feelings, especially if the potential for backlash or how your actions will be perceived is causing you to feel resistance. Being uncomfortable is not an excuse for inaction. It’s life’s uncomfortable moments, the ones when we own our vulnerability that will pave the way for personal transformation.

When the opportunity to help, inspire, lead comes along, embrace it. See it as a chance to recommit yourself to your ideals. Especially if it’s difficult to do. You’ll find that you can and will make it through alive and you’ll have helped cultivate something good in the process.


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