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The Revolution Will be Relational

The revolution will be relational. It will have tasty, laugh-filled cookouts, dope playlists, movie nights and dance parties.

The revolution will be transformational. It will see us tear down inherited images of ourselves and rebuild ourselves, according to our own vision.

The revolution will be flexible. It will cause us to stretch outside our comfort zone, strengthen existing bonds and create new ones.

The revolution will contain multitudes. It will allow us to cherish difference and work with differences without tearing down one another: differences of opinions differences in approaches.

The revolution will be intersectional. It will allow us to bring our entire selves to the work.

The revolution will not: encourage people to fragment themselves, be dualistic, one-size fits all and it will not facilitate disconnection. It will not do a bunch of sexy things that ultimately uphold the status quo.

The revolution will be liberatory, or it will not be.


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