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Unpopular Art Opinion

Technical standards in art are bullshit.

While they may legitimately help us figure out how to do or replicate a thing or give us frameworks for deriving meaning from a piece, technical standards are ultimately the inherited powdered wig algebra of stuffy European dudes that poured gravy on everything.

Technical standards aren’t art in and of themselves. Following them precisely doesn’t guarantee shit. It doesn’t guarantee our work will resonate, much less look good.

Technical standards equals capitalism applied to beauty, a barrier devised by people who wanted the power to decide who is or isn’t allowed to call their work “art”.

If we want to follow them or they help us, that’s fine. But let’s not kid ourselves about what they are, how we use them, or why we’re attached to them.

Let’s also not use their existence as a cop out on giving ourselves permission to create.


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