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We’re Failing our Youth

We are failing our youth.

Media to some extent has always existed as escapism. But the length to which it serves to squash creativity and resistance today is out of control. Journalism is a relic, while sound bites about pop stars twerking and congressional dick pics pass for news. News of our crimes against humanity go largely unmentioned, while children here are being poisoned through the food supply. Then we wonder why these youth will grow up and only half of them will participate in the civic process.

As toddlers, we do the minimum for them. Instead of getting on the floor with them or letting them crawl in the sand, we find a show rife with primary colors and park them in front of it. As children, we push them further into their head with no outlet for feelings, leaving them to play video games indefinitely. By the time they’re teenagers we hope and pray they’ve seen enough images of decent human beings to actually be one and give them car keys. That way when they don’t want to hang out with us, it’s their choice and we can wash our hands of responsibility for how they turn out.

We abandon them while being physically present at all of stages of childhood, without giving them the tools needed to be competent humans. There are high school graduates who don’t know how to read an analog clock or use an index. Raised on takeout, they couldn’t make themselves a meal worth eating if you paid them. Left to entertain themselves, many today are growing up ill-equipped to navigate life and it’s not their fault.

It’s ours, their elders, the people who should be guiding them that are failing them.



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