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WTF is a “Narrative of Disempowerment”?

What do I mean by the phrase “narrative of disempowerment”? I’ve used it a few times within the past month to discuss things as varied as trigger warnings and privilege.

I’m talking about any message from any institution or force that we internalize, which leads us to self-doubt, or blind allegiances. Anything that causes you to split from yourself, or not think critically is disempowering. Anything that takes agency and responsibility out of your hands is disempowering. The most disgusting thing about internalized narratives is that once they’ve snaked their way into your psyche, you willingly give away your power.

We all do it at some point. We hold everyone but ourselves responsible for our reality and resign ourselves to our current station in life. It’s an inescapable part of the human experience.

At some point in our journey though, we have to saddle up and take a trip outside of our ordinary world to move toward a more heroic version of ourselves. Any story we digest without shitting out that precludes or hampers this journey is a narrative of disempowerment. Below is one experience that embodies overcoming it to create one of empowerment.


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