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You Need Love & Affection? Duh.

Compared to Rihanna’s other songs where she’s clearly alluding to Chris Brown or heartbreak, it doesn’t seem that “Loveeeee Song” should be the cut that saddens me. But it does. It does because I believe it gives voice to our collective emotional dysfunction.

How is it at all pathetic, or “desperate” to say you need “love and affection”? You’re human. It should go without saying. But in modern society — where being rational to the point of detachment is a point of pride — I guess you must. Otherwise you risk not getting your needs met. Even worse: you risk wasting time by getting hung up on someone who thinks denying their needs is normal and thusly will remain unable to fulfill yours. Those who deny their own needs often operate under the assumption that everyone else does, too. It’s one thing to not have a handle on how you express your feelings. Who enjoys or deserves to be subjected to a continuous tsunami of emotions? But to tell people who are just being themselves that they’re too open? That’s another [entirely damaging] thing. Shame or ostracizing people for simply acknowledging their emotions is nothing short of destructive.

The violations we willfully inflict upon one another wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t hurting. As much as the terms “dog eat dog” and “animalistic” get thrown around to describe bad behavior, how often do you witness non-human animals spitefully hurt each other? I’ll wait… With the exceptions of mammals capable of higher-level [human-like] reasoning, you don’t. My deduction: hurt is unnecessary. Being emotionally detached is unnecessary. My solution: strive to get to a place where we can live in harmony with our emotions and subsequently a place where we neither need to proclaim our need for affection, nor are made to feel that we’re “giving the wrong impression” when we do.


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